Nico Daleman

Five Studies for Chaotic Oscillators

Multichannel Audiovisual Performance

As part of the exhibition “The Changing Room” August 1st-3rd at ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin


Five Studies for Chaotic Oscillators is a series of audiovisual studies for an audio system of four or more channels and visual projection. The open and improvisatory nature of the studies avoid the definition of a “composition,” and should rather be considered as digital instrument. The main idea is to explore sonorities that have an unpredictable outcome based on chaotic systems and create a performance in which the performer reacts intuitively and in real time to the volatile sonic results.

Chaotic systems are the perfect mean for this since they:

    behave unpredictably despite their seeming simplicity and the fact that the forces involved are governed by well-understood physical laws. The common element in these systems is a very high degree of sensitivity to initial conditions and to the way in   which they are set in motion.[1]

Therefore, a very small variation in initial parameters in real time, causes unpredictable audio-visual outcome to which the performer needs to react in order to create a coherent and interesting performance.