Connie Mandale X Dea Karina @Soy&Synth


Connie Mandale makes use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as means to explore connections between the Pan-American traditions of Cumbia and the new languages of experimental electronic music, finding associations between their migrant musical characteristics and their cultural global contexts.

Diffractions (2022 – )

4D Sound Installation


As part of the SVS Collision Festival @ Muffathalle in Munich 

Inspired by quantum particles, this set of pieces explores diverse interactions of sonic particles in order to induce a series of disturbances in the virtual time-space configuration of the  sound system. The diffractions, reflections, superpositions and collisions of sound material present a nuanced perspective on the role of perception in speculative quantum physics. By considering the different stages of sound as wave-particle entity through diffracting patters, ecological and phenomenological relations emerge between material, bodies, space and time.

Laboratoire Kontempo Miziki: Decolonizing Music Technologies


In this conversation/performance, Khyam Allami, Alejandra Cardenas “Ale Hop” ,  Moises Horta "Hexorcismos”    and Musicologist Romain Malwengo Kingenzi will share their inputs and exchange perspectives on music technology,  performative potentiality and production tools for musical worlds. From Artificial Intelligence, musical instrument creation in Kinshasa, to open source software.

Each participant will present In a 20 minute presentation, sharing their inputs on how to create spaces of  musical experience beyond the western canon. Musicians and researchers will bring along autonomous instruments, musical imagination and narratives, compositions and performance.

This presentation will be moderated by artist - researcher Nico Daleman.

Khyam Allami
Ale Hop

Romain Malwengo Kingenzi
Nico Daleman

Hanging Wires of Babylon

Multichannel Sound Installation


As part of “Reflections” at the Schwartsche Villa in Berlin-Steglitz 

The Hanging Wires of Babylon is a multichannel sound installation that explores the possibilities of modular synthesizers, speakers and cables as sculptural material. Various Doepfer A-100 modules are single-positioned around the space, interconnected by audio and electric powers, generating a network of electromagnetic and sonic interaction. Through the use of different sensors, the installation reacts to the public and creates a generative composition that reflects on the perceptual capabilities of technology and their influence in our artistic experience. Speaker cones reproduce the processes and bring attention to the sounds that are always happening on top of our head. The audience is then confronted with a mediated perception of the space, that evoke the images of promised pasts and possible futures, generating a new virtual reality.