Nico Daleman

Sound Art Research


Multichannel Composition for tweeters, woofers, subwoofers, transducers and bass shakers

as part of Berlin Sound Transitions In Navigating Berlin:
Perspectives on Cartography at CLB, Berlin

Zoom in is a sound composition that plays with the concept of high fidelity both as seen in the historical developments of cartographical methods displayed in the exhibition, and in the sound material that is played back in the system. An audio sample of the street outside the gallery is re-recorded several times and distributed through the speakers. Just as in any city, the piece cannot be grasped in its entirety at once and can only be perceived in smaller zones, getting closer and closer to its constituent parts.

Berlin Sound Transitions is a site-specific sound installation created for CLB Berlin. It consists of a 16-channel system distributed in the gallery space that combines sonic narrations in close relation to the historical maps of Berlin. The work is presented in form of sound collages, acoustic cartographies, and compositions that engage with the existing acoustic properties of the room. A collective set up of individual aural perspectives creates a variety of sonic dimensions in dialogue with the cartographies exhibited.