Hanging Wires of Babylon

Multichannel Sound Installation
As part of “Reflections” at the Schwartsche Villa in Berlin-Steglitz

The Hanging Wires of Babylon is a multichannel sound installation that explores the possibilities of modular synthesizers, speakers and cables as sculptural material. Various Doepfer A-100 modules are single-positioned around the space, interconnected by audio and electric powers, generating a network of electromagnetic and sonic interaction. Through the use of different sensors, the installation reacts to the public and creates a generative composition that reflects on the perceptual capabilities of technology and their influence in our artistic experience. Speaker cones reproduce the processes and bring attention to the sounds that are always happening on top of our head. The audience is then confronted with a mediated perception of the space, that evoke the images of promised pasts and possible futures, generating a new virtual reality.