Nico Daleman

Sound Art Research


Sound installation for speaker cones, nylon wires, UV light, video and Plexiglass Structure

A sound installation exploring the audiovisual perceptual properties of sonic particles through light, sound, and movement. Glissons, grainlets, trainlets, pulsars and wavelets disturbe the time-space architectural configurations generating a cybernetic sonic environment. By experiencing the different stages of sound as wave-particle entity through diffracting patters, ecological and phenomenological intra-actions emerge between material, bodies, space, and time.

It consists of a cybernetic environment of sonic particles that act as its constituent agents. Speaker cones are tied to tense nylon strings that vibrate with low frequencies of the different sonic particles which are visible through light diffractions of raster grid patterns.

The two main rooms in the gallery will be physically separated and will interact between each other via a main computer that controls the actions of the two different parts of the installation. One of the spaces consist of hanging grated panels, four speaker cones with a UV-painted nylon wire attached to the ceiling, and a UV light Rod in the center. Through the grates and the light configurations, the audience is able to perceive the particle-wave dualities of sound, which allows the viewer to peek inside the movement of the inner space.

On the second space  speaker cones are tied to tense nylon strings that vibrate with low frequencies of the different sonic particles. In order to make these vibrations visible, raster patterns are projected on a wall behind them, so that the light diffractions reinforce the effect of the vibrating string. Through their translation to the kinetic and visual realm, the sonic particles are made perceptible.

The installation is inspired by quantum entanglement, a phenomenon in which the characteristics of atomic particles are interdependent regardless of the distance from one another, creating a “spooky action at a distance.” Karen Badar’s proposes a post-human account of quantum entanglement, in which phenomena and systems intra-act and resulting in emergent agency. Through immersive sonic experiences in parallel spaces, Multifractions explores entangled phenomena between human and non-human agents. The result is a sonic system where agents intra-act with each other to sonically enact themselves in an immersive environment.

Presentation and Program:

Location: Errant Sound
Rungerstr. 20
10179 Berlin

Vernissage: Friday 10 of March 2023 at 6 pm
Opening days:
March 10 -12 and 16-18 form 18h to 22h
March 13-15 with appointment at