Nico Daleman is a Colombian-born sound artist and musicologist based in Berlin. His pieces explore sonic spatial perception, psychoacoustics, dynamic systems and stochastic processes in order to (re)create, re(interpret) and (re)(imagine) real and virtual spaces.
His research investigates new modes of performing and perceiving, hereby deliberately creating coexisting soundscapes and feedback loops that blur the lines between sound and space, and spectator and performer.
His pieces have been shown in Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Schwartzsche Villa, CLB at Aufbau Haus, SoundSAbout, and Muffathalle in Munich, and he has taken part in performances at Soy&Synth UferStudios 2022, Soundance Berlin 2021, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien in Karlsruhe (ZKM), Silent Green Berlin, Darmstadt 2018, ACUD MACHT NEU and Loophole.
He is the host of "The Rest is Music", a monthly show on cashmere radio that explores practices of contemporary and experimental electronic music on the periphery of the canon.
He received a grant from the department of culture of the City of Berlin in 2021 for his research project Data Empathy.
Nico studied Audio Engineering, Musicology and Sound Studies & Sonic Arts in Bogotá, Boston and Berlin.

The project Connie Mandale y la Cumbia Universal makes use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as means to explore connections between the Pan-American traditions of Cumbia and the new languages of experimental electronic music, finding associations between their migrant musical characteristics and their cultural global contexts.