Modulo für die Bolivarische Republik des Klangs (2023)

Sound installation and intervention for a multichannel sound installation

CASH. Errant Sound, Berlin 1-12.09.2023

Modulo für die Bolivarische Republik des Klangs is a multichannel sound sculpture that reflects on the relationships of international exchange using devaluated currency as sonic material. Venezuelan Bolivares are used as modules for origami sculptures that amplify, filter, or transform the different news reports and political positions that circulated media during the height of the Venezuelan crisis (2018-2022) The piece conflates the official texts of EU sanctions against Venezuela with the discourses of the Venezuelan government and interviews with Venezuelan immigrants in Bogotá.

The installation re-signifies the origami sculptures into the immateriality of sound, providing an additional layer to the transductions of money as a cultural signifier. As an immigrant in a new land myself, I appropriate the struggles of Venezuelan migrants and present them in my own perspective as a Colombian mi

grant in Germany. By adding the sonic component, the origami pieces acquire a function as amplifiers, transducers and filters of information, of realities and relationships between global north and global south. In this case, cash (the paper currency) becomes, not a medium to add further value to my work, but rather signifier or a bigger struggle between the systemic injustices of immigration policies, of the post-colonial dynamics, and ultimately the materiality of money as a social construct.