Binaural Sonic Choreography


As part of Unifnished Fridays by Lake Studios Berlin
As part of the Soundance Festival 2021 Virtual Edition

“One-on-one” is a choreography for the ears. It establishes impressions of movement and space within the listener’s imagination, before gradually transforming and warping them into more surreal, humorous images. The commodification of current therapeutic and meditative practices is subverted in order to question the emotional and physical boundaries between ourselves and others, as we ask what it means to be inside our own heads. Dance artist David Pallant and sound artist Nico Daleman use binaural technology to build 360° soundscapes via headphones. The piece exists as a pre-recorded audio work to be broadcast ‘as live’ performance. For a performance in a venue, the original pre-recorded track is broadcast via headphones to an audience spread out in a dark room, while we add live sound and movement into the collective space, further blurring the lines between the listeners’ internal and external worlds. For this a good WiFi connection would be necessary.