Jutta Ravena’s Zeitenpendel

Multichannel Sound Installation


As part of the technical team, I developed the algorithmic patch that controls the sound and movement of the pendulums, as well as the sound design of the different samples and its different modes. Link to project description

This is an explanation of the work:

Seconds tick by weightily; minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years: the essence of the pendulum of a grandfather clock is to measure time precisely by the repetitive beat of the pendulum. A metronome, on the other hand, as a timer in music, is able to combine variable tempos within a scale. Jutta Ravenna’s latest work Zeiten-Pendel, explores the metronome as a sound event that oscillates between stability and instability within multiple ‘sound objects’: swinging loudspeakers in the space. To explore the physical as well as the spatial sonic effects, the size of individual metronomes has been varied and increased to architectural proportions.

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